2 - Jaguar Released date: August, 2002 Mac OS X 10.2 the key new features: Quartz Extreme graphics rendering engine, Breitling Replica Watches. system-wide, the Address Book, based on Unix (CUPS), printer driver, Windows network open source Samba protocol instant messaging client (iChat), the maximum add auxiliary function services for tablet handwriting recognition engine, remove the "happy Mac" icon in the startup of the original Mac. This is the first to have a formal code of Mac OS X version is the first to receive more positive comments on the Mac version. Mac OS X 10.3 - Panther Released date: October, 2003 Mac OS X 10.3 the key new features: Safari browser, Expos to Windows Explorer, a FileVault disk encryption, iChat video conferencing add support interoperability with Windows systems and PDF rendering performance, system-wide font (Font Book), support fax, to switch between different user accounts, X11 support for the X Window Unix applications, allowing users to organize and use the Mac almost everything Finder. Mac OS X 10.4 - Tiger Released date: April, 2005 Mac OS X 10.4 the key new features: Spotlight desktop search features, Safari integrated RSS feed, smart folders, and mailboxes, Automator workflow creation tools, VoiceOver reasons for secondary procedures, the basis for implementation of small applications the Dashboard, add the print engine to create PDF features improve the engine of QuickTime (QuickTime 7), Intel Mac support system directory and dictionary support for 64-bit address space and some support for 64 processors, Core Image and Core Video API accelerated rendering, the Core Data API. Mac OS X 10.5 - Leopard Released date: October, 2007 Mac OS X 10.

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